Flooring is synonimous of aristocracy, beauty and grace: Italian Art Flooring mission is to deliver them to you, creating new and beautiful floors for your place which will enhance style and comfort to it.

Italian Art Flooring got 20 years of experience in wooden floor installation and we always listen to our clients to make sure we are going to respect and satisfy all your needs. It does not matter which kind of floor you used to have before: we are able to replace it, starting by the installation of a new sub-floor perfectly compatible and designed for the new floor. After the sub-flooring procedure we will start with the real installation, using the wood you will provide or chosen with one of our qualified suppliers.

Small rooms, stairs, poky corners and edges or big office spaces do not make difference to us: we always put the same effort in every job, to deliver quality and top level service and consultancy.

Subflooring Preparation