Fabio Neppel was born in Brazil where, very young, he started working in the flooring sector. He learned the fundamentals of his job, always standing out as an incredible quick learner and as a very hard worker. In his 20s he decided to leave Brazil for Italy to enrich his experience with the Italian taste, knowledge of arts and new techniques and taking advance of European top quality tools and materials.

After 13 years working in the flooring sector, he gained enough experience and knowledge to open his own personal business, Italian Art Flooring. After only 24 months his business  counts 150 completed projects. The mission of his business is clear: always fully respect client needs and never disappoint their expectations.

Italian Art Flooring develops the idea of offering professionalism, availability and taste, in a field where high technic, attention to details and fast execution of work are the essence. Thanks to collaboration with designers, architects and high level suppliers, Italian Art Flooring is constantly increasing its staff and net of contacts, delivers on always new and high quality levels.


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